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Scribbling is one of my favorite tools for processing through emotions, thoughts, experiences, and situations. It is simple and does not have to take a lot of time to be helpful and effective. Below are the steps to scribbling. Keep in mind that it is critical to follow the steps exactly as they are outlined for this tool to be effective.

Scribbling Steps:

  1. Every scribbling page must start with the title that says, “This is the energy of _______.” You must have this title as it directly affects the results.

  2. Begin scribbling on the page, just as a child would scribble. Every 20-30 seconds, you want to repeat in your mind, “This is the energy of ______.”

  3. Scribble until you feel done. Really wait for a sigh, and exhale, a feeling of release to indicate to you the feeling of done. Some type of shifting, even if it is small, should happen to feel done.

  4. You will often just start tracing a circle or an oval when you are done, which can indicate to you that you are finished. If that does not happen, just scribble until you feel done.

  5. You must get rid of the piece of paper that you scribbled on. You must tear it, shred it, burn it, drown it, or through it away!

Things to remember: always follow the steps. Anytime someone comes into session and expresses that they tried scribbling and it didn’t work, the first question I ask is, “What was your title.” Most often, they did not have a title. You may find that you complete a scribbling page, and your emotions still feel elevated. You may need to follow up with a second or third scribbling page to get the emotions to a more manageable place. Commonly, the different pages will have different titles.

Scribbling is a great tool for processing through emotions, thoughts, experiences and situations
Scribbling is a great tool

Scribbling can be done in just a matter of minutes. You can use this tool for big or small things. It could be used for some frustration or some high-level anger. You can use it to move some normal stress or help you lessen a negative self-talk message that you can’t seem to shake that day. I would encourage you to use it with lots of small things throughout your week so that when something more charged arrives, you have already had some practice with this tool.

Examples of possible titles:

  • This is the energy of I feel anxious

  • This is the energy of that conversation was really hard

  • This is the energy of today was hard

  • This is the energy of I am worried about that test

  • This is the energy of that embarrassing moment

  • This is the energy of I don’t want to do my work today

  • This is the energy of I feel lonely

  • This is the energy of I am not enough

  • This is the energy of I can’t do this

The title can be filled in with anything you are thinking, saying to yourself, experiencing, anticipating experiencing, experienced, or feeling.

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