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In the summer of 2017, I opened Randi Gray Counseling. I had spent the previous months saving, planning, and preparing to open up my practice. When the time finally arrived, I could lease, furnish, and decorate a suite in Mesa, Az. When I opened up that very first day, I was the only counselor in the office, with my daughter as my office manager. Over five years later, she is still my office manager, and I am so grateful to have shared this journey with her. I had 40 people on my schedule that first week. Shortly after, I was so busy that I saw over 40 people weekly! I maintained this schedule for two years. After those first two years, I was able to start bringing other counselors into the practice, and I began to build their schedules.


Before I hired the first counselor, I took the necessary steps to become a Board Approved Clinical Supervisor to bring on counselors who still needed to work under supervision to receive enough hours to apply for independent licensure. By doing this, I have been able to train, teach, support, mentor, and encourage other counselors. In addition, I enjoy facilitating their process of growth and development as clinicians. I have seen several counselors through their entire independent licensure process and have several more in the process.


We are a female-owned and operated practice. All of the counselors in my practice are female, and both of my office managers are female. I have enjoyed hiring these professionals and participating in their journey to becoming confident, capable, and proficient mental health professionals.


We are a trauma-focused practice. I have always had the goal to get to the root of the symptom that we treat and facilitate deeper levels of healing that can provide lasting relief and results. With this goal in mind, all the counselors in my practice and I have received additional training and education to permit us to implement treatment modalities that enable a deeper level of healing. We work with most ages of individuals, males, females, couples, teens, and children. We work with various issues, including depression, anxiety, grief, low self-esteem, anger issues, relationship issues, addiction, and trauma recovery.


We are genuinely invested in those we work with and do our best to be proficient counselors who provide various treatment options to meet the individual needs of our clients. We value and focus on the therapeutic relationship and find that clients are more likely to experience successful treatment outcomes when we do.


Our current goals are to continue to grow as a practice and, ideally, move on to a larger space that will allow us to hire more amazing clinicians and provide a space that will permit us to facilitate a variety of group therapy options. In addition, we have big dreams of developing a wellness clinic where we can offer a myriad of wellness modalities to support the mental health of our community.

~Dr. Randi Gray

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