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About Randi Gray Counseling

Dr. Randi Gray Photo

In the summer of 2017, Randi Gray Counseling was established in Mesa, AZ. Starting as the sole counselor with my daughter as the office manager, I quickly saw tremendous success, eventually expanding my team to include other counselors who I have trained and supervise.


Our practice is female-owned and operated. We aide in multiple issues with a focus on trauma treatment, employing various modalities to promote deep healing. We work with individuals of all ages and genders, addressing issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship problems, addiction, and trauma recovery.


With a strong emphasis on the therapeutic relationship, me and my team strive to provide personalized treatment options that cater to each client's needs. Our future goals include growing the practice, moving to a larger space, and establishing a wellness clinic to offer additional mental health support to this great community.

~Dr. Randi Gray

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