Bob Gray, Life Coach

I have a strong desire to help others on their personal journey to become their best self. I believe that everyone can improve their life by defining where they are and working to move to where they would like to be.


I partner with individuals in this process through encouragement and my personal insight. I point out possibilities and allow a positive space for Individual improvement. 


I have a love for those working on recovery from addiction. Addiction has touched my life and the lives of my own family. I have experienced the personal pain of addiction and have see it affect those closest to me. I have seen close friends and family struggle with addiction as well. I know that through hard work and understanding that addiction can be overcome. It is not who we are in our addiction but who we are in our recovery that defines us. 


I have been married to the loveliest person I know for 23 years. We have seven amazing children that range in ages from 13 to 22, and they are a source of great joy to me. 


I am currently enrolled with ILCT and have completed  their foundational course. I am in the process of completing their certification process.

  • Life Coach